MEREA Consulting, LLC

MEREA Consulting, LLC

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Marketing Education


Research Endeavors Affordably

Strategic Marketing Plans, Third Party Evaluation

​​​​​​​MEREA Consulting, LLC is a marketing and education consulting company. Our name came out of the realization that our tagline "Marketing Education and Research Endeavors Affordably" created a cool sounding word. When we learned that merea is the Hebrew word for "friend" or "companion", we knew we had found the right name to convey our company goals! We specialize in helping educational organizations and social science scholars and researchers market and promote their vision, programs, and publications through the development of marketing plans and strategic plans. We conduct third party evaluation for organizations with external grants. We help organizations improve their reach and effectiveness. We want to promote the good work being done in small non-profits, schools, and research organizations everywhere in an effort to inform others and

improve our world.