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Here's what some of our customers have said about the work we do . . . 

​Sometimes educational organizations and social science scholars and researchers are just too close to their product or too caught up in the day-to-day maintenance of their passion to fulfill the necessary short- and long-term objectives. MEREA Consulting, LLC has the expertise, objectivity, mobility, and experience to take missions, visions, goals, and strategies from concept to simple reality through strategic planning and time-bound implementation with built-in painless accountability ensuring success. We offer a variety of customized services designed to help individuals and organizations promote their vision to others, encourage participation in programs, and increase overall visibility. 

During the many months of working with Lynn Baca I have found her to be a wonderful resource.  She is a hard-working, professional, seasoned editor, and even better, she’s fun to work with.  With her enthusiasm and eagle eye, she has vastly improved my manuscript.  Lynn made many excellent suggestions on matters great and small, concepts down to details.  As an emerging author I was especially appreciative of her efforts to educate me on marketing tools and help me to establish an author’s webpage.  Lucky to have her help!
                                                                                                                  — Ted Edwards, author

Lynn’s technical editing of my book was accomplished in the most knowledgeable, empathetic and professional way —truly a port in the storm for a struggling project. Besides, she is great fun to work with too!
                                                                                                                       — Carl Davis, author

Marketing Plans 
When we develop a marketing plan we focus on providing comprehensive information on your industry and institution or product along with the details for implementing creative and effective marketing strategies. With the multi-year plan we lay out the specific action steps required in a clear, easy-to-follow format, along with front-loaded evaluation, ensuring success.​  Check out this blog.

Strategic Plans
Without a strategic plan a school or research organization can become unintentionally disoriented. Sometimes scholars, educators, and researchers become so involved in surviving the daily, weekly, and monthly routines we lose our grip on the strategies and action steps developed to achieve our goals and attain our mission. MEREA will help with all phases of strategic planning. We specialize in front-loading evaluation as a key component of the plan, ensuring goal achievement and successful implementation.

Board Training

We will work with your board on implementing good business practices, such as creating a culture of philanthropy, an important part of preparing your organization to launch into a capital or fund campaign.  We will also help you educate your board about your business through targeted trainings. 

Grant Writing 
Alternative funding can help organizations wanting to launch an innovative program that can have a tremendously positive impact. MEREA will help your organization identify like-minded funders and write winning proposals. We write grants at no charge; MEREA is compensated by serving as the third party evaluator when the grant is funded.

The question MEREA loves to ask is – "How do you know?" Frequently a school or research institution will implement an initiative or a program without having a way of knowing if it is having the intended positive impact or if it is failing terribly. When a sound and simple evaluation system is front-loaded into a program, the institution knows how to monitor and adjust for success. We will work with you to ensure your evaluation component is developed in a way that gives you real data and assures that time and money are functioning at capacity. Check out our latest blog. For a great example of an evaluation report provided for a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) click this button. Note MEREA provides both formative and summative reports for REU projects. 

Sharing the Good! A Recognition Program for Schools
MEREA has created a unique recognition program for schools. We all know there are stories of good, positive, productive, effective, and successful students and teachers at schools, yet the news is often extremely negative. Good stories occur every day, in every school — and MEREA wants to share those successes with the public. WHY? Because sharing the successes that occur in our schools with student and teacher families as well as board and community members improves school morale and will help change the national discourse. This is a low impact effort for schools due to our intelligently designed information template and our dedication to conducting the research necessary to put forth a compelling and complete story.  Check out this blog.

Market Research 
Market research is an important initial process and a vital part of building your organization. It is designed to help you understand how to be competitive in your field. We will analyze data about your product, your audience, and your industry and determine what needs to be done to take you from what exists in the present to what is desired for the future. We will provide you with a detailed market research report that will help you determine how to move forward.

Marketing Audits

The focus of a marketing audit is the comprehensive analysis of your organization's marketing efforts so you can optimize your impact. We will review your collateral materials, your web presence, and your advertising campaigns. We will help you develop a clear message and help you determine appropriate marketing channels for your brand.

Author's Representative

MEREA will help you with contract reviews and rights consultations. 

Marketing Consultation

Marketing sometimes seems complicated, but it is really just a matter of truly knowing what your product is, understanding who your audience is, and matching the two. MEREA provides consultation on advertising campaigns, public relations, collateral materials, book publicity, book awards, media contacts, event planning, book cover design, and pre-publication blurbs. 


​We do what we call a “developmental/line edit.” The focus is to help you, the author, tell a better story. You might feel like this is something you can do for yourself, but trust us – most authors benefit from having a professional set of eyes read through your manuscript! But you can save money by sending your editor a cleaner document. First, read your manuscript critically yourself  – not what you thought you wrote, but what you actually wrote. Second, use software to help you (like Grammarly). Third, use a skilled editor. At MEREA, the developmental side of the edit will include suggestions on re-structuring the manuscript, addressing redundancies, cutting or adding text, including or deleting particular lines of inquiry, and strengthening arguments as needed. The line editing side of the edit will enhance the strength of the manuscript and smooth out the writing style through suggestions on flow of text, clarity of voice, use of language, and development of content. Although we will not do a copy edit (typographical errors, grammar and punctuation errors, or inconsistencies in capitalization and numerals), any of these errors will be corrected as they catch our eyes. This process will include a dialogue between us, ensuring factual accuracy of the text, preservation of your voice and intent, and a better manuscript for presentation to your publisher.  NOTE: A copyeditor will be needed to ensure this level of editing is done – generally copyedits are contracted out by the publisher. 

Book Proposals 

MEREA will help you thread the gauntlet of book proposal submission to publishers, whether that be a major trade publisher, a small scholarly press, or Kindle Scout.


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