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  Maximizing Education and Research Endeavors Affordably

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MEREA helps education and research organizations maximize their visions, programs, and publications through the development of strategic marketing and business plans accompanied by our special system of front-loaded, almost painless, evaluation designed to ensure effective implementation. We also collaborate with individual scholars, researchers, and authors in preparing publications on their work and marketing the work post-publication.  We pride ourselves on being business strategists and evaluation experts, and we firmly believe in working smarter, not harder. So our plans are designed carefully to help you reach your goals.

What makes MEREA’s strategic marketing and business plans different is three-fold. One, with MEREA's front-loaded evaluation component, organizations that work with us have actual data to assist in their continuous improvement efforts as they move forward. These plans are not “one and done” plans, these plans are designed to be continuously monitored and adjusted for maximum effectiveness. Two, these plans are built upon intense analyses of the organizations and, therefore, include substantive suggestions for internal changes prior to implementation of the plans. We call this the effort of “cleaning the house before inviting in the guests.” Three, the evaluation component is carefully laid out to ensure that staff engaged in the process understand the actions being taken and how the strategies work together to achieve the goals. Taken together, these differences allow MEREA to help organizations improve their reach and sustainability and allow organizations to answer that very important question “How do you know your programs are effective?” 

At MEREA, we are proud to say we are supporting the good work being done in small nonprofits, schools, and research organizations everywhere in an effort to inform others and improve our world. 

​Maximizing education and research endeavors affordably -- it's our tagline, it's what we do!


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