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Our sympathies are with everyone globally who has been negatively impacted by the current health crisis. We look forward to a healthier world in the future.

The reality is that your business model may have to change from this point forward. Are you figuring out how to incorporate work-from-home employees in your business right now and going forward? Are you working on ways to  stay connected with your important partners? Do you need help in strategically planning for an unknowable future? At MEREA we have the experience and the tools to help you in re-designing your business. We've been working remotely for years, and we've helped organizations install systems for modifying and improving their activities. Because our strategic marketing and business plans include developmental evaluation, we can help you know beforehand which paths to take. Let us help you figure out your business's future. Contact us today. 

On a very positive note -- our friend Carl Davis let us know that his book Six Hundred Generations: An Archaeological History of Montana won the 2020 Best Popular Book Award from the Society of American Archaeology. Congratulations, Carl Davis! We've also learned that this book is a Finalist in the High Plains Book Awards. 

Blue skies. Photo by Lynn Thompson Baca.